Brunakra offers residency for artists, writers, journalists, or anybody that carries ideas that requires time and space to realize. The period is supposed to end with an exhibit or presentation of the completed work to the public or specially invited guests. This is our log of previous visiting residents.

Where I go, you go

Spring 2018 BRUNAKRA Temporary was visited by the choreographer Tori Lawrence accompanied by the dancer Ellie Goudie-Averill, throughout four weeks in May-June 2018.

Together they explored the area while shooting for an upcoming film planed to be released end of 2018. Culminating the residency, they presented an in-progress version of the film as well as a short live site-specific performance.
The open reception was held a beautiful day, but also fragile, presenting a work in progress where the Now York dance scene met our hen house. Subtly they took us through their work, leading the attending guests from thought to video screen to the chickens and eventually out in the open fields backside of the farm.
Art is never an object, art is subject. Subject to our experiences.

Found Sounds and This American Dream project

Jacinta Yelland and Ethan Mentzer stayed with us for a month working on both their projects, Ethan as beeing a composer, producer and musician collected sounds in the surrounding area while Jacinta interviewed people about life in Sweden. They both refined their findings into a two set presentation that was shown in the shack at BRUNAKRA.

Jacinta´s project aims to reflect over what happened with the American Dream and what it derived from. When moving from Australia to USA life wasn’t as she expected. Then she read about Sweden. The more facts she came across the more frequently Sweden where mentioned as a benchmark for how a society could be structured. Her work is in the form of physical theatre, a mix of storytelling, dance and an actual break down of facts and stats. Read more about the project at Jacinta´s own site Thisamericandreamproject.

Ethan has during his four weeks here collected sounds through his project Found Sounds. From these samples he composes music that is in between noice/soundscapes and beat driven compositions likewise driven by POP DNA as much as soul searching.

Ystad Allehanda wrote a very nice piece about their stay.

Jacinta and Ethan in Ystad Allehanda


Estimates by Hildegard Skowasch

It has been a frosty spring in Southern Sweden with continuously changing weather, windy, rainy, cold, hail, some sun and then more cold until Hildegard Skowasch´s last day when the sun broke through and warmth came. Hildegards presentation of her work where visited by the usual suspects together with some new acquaintances. Art, sun and beer, it was as Lou Reed sang Such a perfect day.




Residency spring 2016

Julie Poitras Santos stayed for a month working with her project Map & Universe at BRUNAKRA. At the end of the period, June 10th the work was partly presented during an open reception and dinner.


Ystad Allehanda wrote a nice piece about Julies stay.


Residency spring 2015


Evelien Cammeart visited BRUNAKRA four weeks in Mars and April 2015. While at the residency she developed and presented the first version of her perfomance Absorbing Exposure during two cold evenings after dusk. The occasion where held with about 25 people in the audience each of the two nights that the performance where showed.


The performance where very positively received in the culture section of Dagens Nyheter (April 8th), one of Swedens leading papers and described as ”a refined play between inside and outside, light and dark, movement and quietness”


Some tea was served in waiting for dusk to set in.