Dagie Brundert and Intentionally Coincidental Humorous Universes (ICHU).

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Who am I, and, what am I doing here. As a child, you woke up in the night suddenly talking out in the dark, loud out to hidden ghosts. Putting out the most existential question of all. That of randomness and existence. We’re looking forward to have Dagie Brundert from Berlin Germany as resident in March 2020.

Dagie Brundert invites coincidence to participate in her work and uses this for creative potential and humor. Convinced that beauty is everywhere. She burns it on film and steps outside to capture it. No script. Just being aware and awake through the camera. Focusing on the small things. Little stories, one message, one thought that evolves and develops through biochemical processes. Confident that there is a certain humor in the universe.

”I‘m convinced that I‘m in the business of throwing small, short beauty bombs into the world, I cannot help it and I‘ll never stop it. The world is complicated, dangerous and beautiful, people are brutal, greedy and stupid, but also confused, loving and incredibly social.”

Not obviously political (It’s a political statement), her work is always personal and plays in a small, manageable space, bubble, universe. However, you can extrapolate this space.

”I don‘t want to image the world one-to-one, I want to image the insides and the cracked imperfectness and second-view beauty of the world by an imperfect and sometimes out of focus (but in of heart!).”

Dagie Brundert was born in a small town in the middle of West Germany. In her twenties, she moved to Berlin and studied visual arts / experimental film, and Fell in love with her super 8 camera (Nizo) in 1988. Since then she’s been a particle-finder, a wave-catcher, and a good story-teller. She carries her super 8 camera with her traveling, walking around, eyes open and antennas upright. She tries to absorb weird beautiful things from this world. Chews them and spits them out again.


This residency at BRUNAKRA is financed by Goethe Institut Schweden:


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