Jacinta Yelland and Ethan Mentzer

We’re happy to welcome Jacinta Yelland and Ethan Mentzer for our resident program during spring 2017.

Jacinta and Ethan are both hunters and collectors, in their separate lines of work. Jacinta through theater, by exploring the foundations of community building, versus an ‘every man for himself’ mentality that persists in todays society. Drawn to explore the medium in hopes of finding ground for 1. dialogue, 2. acceptance 3. positive social change.

Ethan explores and experiment with Found Music digging into the opportunities of sampling and looping pioneered by the hip-hop genre, Ethan records or sample “found sounds” and reconstructs them into sonic collages or in other words, musical compositions.

Tranquility and contrast

Jacinta is an Australian actor and theatre creator. She graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Industries majoring in Drama and completed her final year at the University of Leeds, England. She has travelled across Australia and the world to train and perform with renowned theatre practitioners and companies including Philippe Gaulier, Sankai Juku, John Gilkey, Steph Kehoe, Pig Iron Physical Theatre Company, RealTV, Upright Citizens Brigade and Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre Company.

Ethan has been making music all of his life. He is a musician, composer, songwriter, producer and sound engineer. He graduated with honors from Berklee College Of Music with a Bachelor of Music majoring in Music Production and Engineering.

Ethan views his role as a musician in the studio as part artist (creating from the soul or the unknown), part craftsman (honing skills, practice and knowledge) and part scientist (performing controlled experiments using sonic waves to create or manipulate emotion in the human body or psyche).