Tori Lawrence | re-residency

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Secret moves in abandoned spaces. Choreographer and filmmaker Tori Lawrence is back summer 2019 to further develop JUNKSPACE, a project that she initiated while in residence at BRUNAKRA last year. She is here together with dancer Ellie Goudie-Averill and musicians Cole Highnam (hammered dulcimer, piano) and Seth Wenger (vocals) to explore spaces and shoot video. They ”[…] appear and depart like specters, weaving through doorways and manifesting unobtrusively across the room. They guide us through the dimly lit bowels of the building into a cavernous warehouse three floors above. A wooden bench with asymmetrical legs hangs from a rafter; rotating fans high up on the walls exhale through tattered pieces of fabric.” It’s a haunting escape into the unknown, movement and sounds recognisable but alien. It’s a hidden eye that follows and pauses together with the dancers, capturing every move, part member, part alienated.

What if the performance site is kept secret, revealed at the last minute? What if there is no premiere. A dance that deconstructs and reconstructs the space that it is within.

Welcome to the late night show,
Wednesday June 19th. 10PM.
Insight into the current working scores of JUNKSPACE.
Live music by Cole Highnam (hammered dulcimer, piano) and Seth Wenger (vocals).

A place-less-ness dance –
Spending two years without a site to make a site-specific performance
Performing the work in its in-progress stage, but never complete
Modularity, deconstruction, and replace-ability
Movement scores are the tethering/plan – what keeps the work together
A home-less work. Constantly in transition. You could be anywhere. You could perform it anywhere. Updating itself dependent on the site that it’s in, it will never be the same.

Chain stores, hotels, malls, restaurants, duplexes, cineplexes, complexes, multiplexes
It’s happening across America, I can’t tell where I am –
Cabinetry and technology match the decade
Maybe this throwaway culture is desirable for some. Or maybe the capitalist freedom is more important than the construction/sustainability and architecture of a space.
Or maybe architecture has ceased to exist
Living in the fallout of modernization*

The body, able to be anywhere
Transitional disposable spaces, I can’t focus
Adaptable disembodiment within chaos
Self-organization and wandering in a wall-less-ness
To shed and to keep going – leaving pieces of the body the junk leaving pieces of itself myself everywhere Jointed together by our plastic shards